Founded in 2009 Amania Textiles is leading name in institutional suppliers to USA , with our own weaving , bleaching ,stitching facility and knowelege for need of our buyers in USA we are certainly the best choice for our USA buyers in institutional sector .We have continuous production of 10 single economy towels ,100% cotton premium towel made out of Ringspun cotton and zero twist towels with our 96 in-house power looms and 24 Airjet looms and specialization in one sector we understand our customer needs better we are also producing linens starting from T-180 to T-300 and more . We take pride in our customer service and our customer service department work according to US time zone so if you get any issues we are just a call and email away.

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Textiles are materials made from fibers or Fabrication services provide business and organization with custom-designed and they are used to create widetest they are used.